5 Pillars of SISU

Here are 5 key elements of SISU that when practiced and used will help create and grow SISU in us all. 


 1. GRATITUDE. Be thankful for each day. Be grateful for all you have in life. See all you have from small to big as a gift that some people in life have never even received. We can not have SISU without being thankful for all we already have in our life. After you give your daily thanks, then give back. Your giving will result in seeing joy and feeling love from those with less - and that truly inspires SISU.

2. LOVE. Cherish your loved ones.  Show heartfelt love to all in your life. Make a difference in the lives of less fortunate by finding love to share. Give hugs. Smile. Be happy, be positive, be a light in the darkness. SISU will give you the courage to not only love the world, friends and family but also yourself.  

3. COURAGE. Never be afraid. Take calculated chances. Leave your comfort zone. Have the guts and balls to go out on a limb, but to still make the right choices. Be brave enough to pursue your dreams in business, family, and life. In the end the only thing you will regret is not having the courage to do what your heart and soul asked. SISU will guide and empower you with courage at all times.

4. PASSION. Live each day like it was your last day on earth. Find your dream and live it. Show conviction. Have heart, be authentic and real. SISU is all about self-reliance and only we can make our lives a success. Having a real passion will make that personal quest easier. SISU will grow within you as you follow your dreams and do what god put you on earth to do. 

5. PERSEVERANCE. The main element of SISU is an unwavering drive to never quit, no matter the odds against you. Be relentless in all your pursuits and endeavors. Deep in your soul there is always SISU that will help you conquer any adversity and tragedy. When times get tough SISU will be the grit and stamina to not just get you over your problems, but SISU will help you turn tragedy into triumph. In your darkest hour just when you think cannot fathom anymore that is where you will find your SISU is strongest.

SISU is a Finnish word and way of life.  SISU means having the courage, strength and perseverance to conquer tragedy and rise above any and all adversity. SISU is the positive force deep within our soul that lights and drives a fire to enable us all to control the destiny of our life.

SISU is a documentary from filmmaker Marko Albrecht is a powerful personal and emotional journey that documents his Uncle Heikki's fight against Pancreatic Cancer, his late mother Paivis life, his Finnish heritage and most importantly his families SISU.