SISU is a non-profit documentary about family, love and perseverance from Finland to America. 

Filmmaker Marko Albrecht began SISU documentary in 2011 honor the legacy of his late mother Päivi, his Finnish-American family and the Finnish mindset SISU.  

Just after starting SISU documentary in 2011 Paivi's surviving brother Heikki informed the family he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and told he had 6 months to live.

SISU is a documentary that profiles family as they conquer tragedy to triumph.



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SISU Filmmaker Statement:  Marko Albrecht

Filmmaker Marko Albrecht, his wife Danielle and their twins in Lyokki Finland. 

"Sisu Documentary is an emotional 5 year voyage for me.

The idea for SISU became a reality when my wife Danielle was pregnant with our twins, I needed to show our children where I came from, who my Mom was, who our family in Finland is and how important sisu is in life.

Around Christmas 2011, shortly just after I started planning the film, my mother's only surviving brother Heikki told us that he had terminal pancreatic cancer. The Doctors told Heikki he had 6 Months to live. Our family was shocked and devastated.  Our family needed SISU more than ever.

I needed to spend time with my uncle, the KING of our Finnish family.  I needed to spend time with my wife and children and own father and I also still needed I to document our SISU story. I traveled to Finland 8 times during 2012-2014 filming and spending time with our family: my uncle, cousins, aunts, my brother, wife and children all experienced SISU stronger than ever. I documented the birth of my cousin son,  the marriage of my uncle,  my father in heart surgery and the experience of my children's first visits in Finland.  I also documented our families feelings on SISU.

Please support the SISU documentary. Together we can spread and empower SISU across the world, especially to youth who have gone through tragedy.  

All proceeds go to our NJ nonprofit organization SISU.

SISU Filmmaker Marko Albrecht