american finns

"Thank you so much for making the film."

Terve!  I am the woman you met outside Kleinhans Music Hall after I purchased your poster and video at Finnfest Buffalo.  Regretfully, we didnt have much time to speak then.  First, let me commend you on your film, SISU.  I so enjoyed it and am very glad I made the purchase. 

As a 16 year old, I was very fortunate to live in Lahti, Finland for a year as a high school exchange student.  Truly the best year of my life!  It was there that I first learned of Sisu. 

I have tried to keep the sentiment close in all that life has challenged me with since then.  Most notably, the death of my husband.  He died Dec 20, 1998 just 6 weeks after our daughter's 7th birthday.  It was during the experience of grieving and coping and adjusting that I tried to instill in her the concept of Sisu. 

I will always be grateful for the Finns for bringing that lesson into my life.  In fact, my daughter and I now have matching tattoos of Sisu!!!

Thank you so much for making the film.  I hope many treat themselves to the viewing experience and take heart of all the lessons it has to offer! 


- Allison A.